31 Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow NOW

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Where do you find your inspiration for travel?  Most travelers like myself are visual people and get drawn to their next destination when they see an exotic photo or video.  I couldn’t wait to touchdown in Rio for the first time after seeing pictures of the Ipanema beach scenery and views from the Christ the Reedeemer statue.  Instagram, which is not so slowly becoming the most popular social media network, can allow you to scroll through a never ending display of eye candy to motivate any wanna be traveler.  Here are 31 of the best travel related Instagram accounts to start following NOW:
  1. @passionpassport – A community of travelers, storytellers and photographers inspiring you to travel the world through unique and eye catching photos
  2. @natgeo – National Geographic’s motto is “Life is an adventure” – enjoy the ride and the world through the eyes of the National Geographic photographers in this account
  3. @natgeoadventure – Features the world’s best outdoor adventurers and photographers
  4. @natgeotravel – Showcases the best travel photographs from around the world
  5. @tourist2townie – Non-Stop World Traveler who counts relationships formed over countries visited. He’s always on a new adventure immersing himself in the local culture and learning the language
  6. @wonderful_places – This Instagram account seeks to send you mindblowing photos of places around the world
  7. @everythingeverywhere – This account is run by Gary Arndt, who was the 2014 Travel Photographer of the Year. He’s been perpetually traveling since 2007 with over 100 countries and all 7 continents visited
  8. @stephbetravel – Steph has lived all over the world and continues to travel the globe.  Her amazing photos showcase her spontaneous and adventurous lifestyle
  9. @thepointsguy – Brian Kelly is THE go to resource on frequent flier miles and hotel points.  He’s traveling the world almost nonstop on first class while teaching mile hackers how to rack up points
  10. @timothysykes – Timothy Sykes is probably the most interesting character on this list.  He runs a penny stock trading ’empire’, while constantly posting photos of his dream vacations he turns into reality on a weekly basis
  11. @topdecktravel – Posting pics of epic trips around the world on a daily basis
  12. @uncornered_market – Daniel Noll is a travel & life evangelist. He connects people to life-changing experiences through his photography of interesting local people and cuisines that tell stories not found anywhere else
  13. @matadornetwork – Instagram account of the web’s largest travel magazine.  Showcases breathtaking photos of every part of the world
  14. @paulodelvalle – Traveler, influencer, and storyteller through predominantly photos of his base – Rio de Janeiro
  15. @samhorine – Sam Horine is a New York City-based iPhone photographer, who takes you on a private journey of the Big Apple through amazing shots of the cities hidden gems
  16. @kardinalmelon – Definition of #colorgasm.  Hatice Korkmaz brings on a global trek through bright colors and jaw dropping travel photos
  17. @theblondeabroad – Kiersten is an award winning solo travel and style blogger from California, who features travel tips, fashion, festivals and photography from around the globe in beautiful settings.  Makes you want to pack your bags and run away with her
  18. @tuulavintage – Jessica Stein is a travel and personal style blogger from Sydney.  Provides inspiration for all woman on where to travel next or what to wear on your next beach excursion
  19. @lucylaucht – Lucy Laucht is a Brit in New York by way of Australia.  She’s a photographer, writer, and serial wanderluster who will inspire any cube dweller to pack their bags and hit the road tomorrow
  20. @leeabbamonte – Lee is living the dream.  He’s the youngest American to visit every country in the world.  He is a nonstop traveler and shares photos and stories of his trips around the globe
  21. @luxuryworldtraveler – Compilation of #eyegasm photos for the VIP traveler
  22. @travelandleisure – The world’s leading travel magazine provides a compilation of awe inspiring travel photos from all corners of the planet
  23. @bucketlistvacations – Like the name of the account, showcases amazing destinations around the world to your list of accomplishments in your lifetime
  24. @earthpics – Amazing pictures of places, people, animals, and nature from around the world
  25. @afarmedia – Official accounts for one of the world’s leading travel magazines.  Provides content, inspiration, and advice to connect with and serve the world’s best travelers
  26. @gmr83 – Travel junkie with an iPhone showcasing eye catching photos from his trips to exotic destinations
  27. @treyratcliff – Trey’s travel photos are mind blowing creations from his adventures around the world.  Every one of his photos is screen-saver worthy
  28. @airbnb – The leading marketplace for booking unique accommodations around the world opens the door to the world’s most interesting places to stay through their official account
  29. @jetsetchristina – Brush off this girl’s shoulders.  She’s a San Francisco blogger with the tastes of the finer things in life.  Follow her jet-setting and bottle popping adventures overseas through this account’s photo journey
  30. @ms.luxuryworldtraveler – Self proclaimed passionate hedonist, she travels the 5-star world circuit while journaling and posting jealous inducing, colorful photos from around the globe
  31. @followmefaraway – Goal of this account is to get you to drop everything and go to your dream destination tonight or to just help get you through the day with inspiring photos

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